The Journey of This Book

Before Birth

This book “ The Road to the Inner World” is a combination of two little books – Revelation of “Man” part I and part II.  From Part I several portions have been removed.  The Right Thought Society (Registered with the Govt. of U.P., India) published the first part of this book in December 1978.  Its author is N.S.Purohit “Astrologer Abhinav”.  The major part of The Revelation of Man Part II was written in December, 2004.  

We waited for over four years for many reasons; one of them was to explore the love of the readers for such discussions.   Several friends of mine who are big scholars inspired me to proceed ahead. R. K. Gupta, the author of several books that includes books on Sufism labeled it as a flow from The Divine through the writer.  Vijay Kumar Chahabra, who is a serious thinker, triggered my desire to let the book reach the readers in general.  Claude Bibeau, the co-author had a practical as well as an idealistic approach in bringing it out. 

Since 2004, the book has been read by our friends in Canada, Europe and India.  We have also mailed it to University Professors in the western world (America and Europe) and have recently modified both the parts of this book to reach the laymen and obscure philosophers.  This book is registered with Canada, though printed by Ashish Gupta from Model Town Delhi, India.  Ashish Gupta in all his courage and devotion did the job just at the moment when packers were scheduled to help us leave India. He took just two working days.  The first and second printers had failed to create a presentable product.

AUTHOR # : 029140, Canada

Registration #: 1068989, Canada


Last Step: 


New Delhi


June 21, 2009


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In this book “The Road To The Inner  World”. I have only  documented my spiritual understanding emanating from thinking over whatever I have undergone, from whatever I have seen, from whatever I have felt. There are no efforts on my part to be a spiritual teacher or a teacher in any other manner. I shall write more on it for the sake of the readers who may be a bit curious.





2010/03/30 AT 10:43 AM

It is a book on spirituality, guiding us onto a path of spirituality which is simple and leads us through the simplest ways on meditation. It explains the karma deep to its roots and guides us on freeing oneself from the dominating destiny. The explanation on how happiness, sorrow and bliss emerges underlines the importance of the book. If one is looking for a spirtual book reading it must not be missed.

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